What We Do



Just ask - we'll answer. No matter the circumstance or concern, PC Guy is here to provide the freedom to focus on business objectives and let us worry about the IT needs.


We partner with local businesses in an effort to maximize their office productivity of staff and services. Our goal is to remove the concerns and stress over information technology needs of companies and help innovate business practices via technology.

Residential Help

Our team is available either to meet at our office location, or we'll come to residents. PC Guy support services are geared toward resolving your email, virus, spyware, hardware, and software problems on personal devices.

Remote Support

So long as there is access to an Internet connection, we can logon to devices remotely and fix problems swiftly, without having to wait for a technician to be available to come on-site. Need immediate assistance? Call (309)-310-6645 to speak with a technician today.



If you need an upgrade or repair to your server, computer, laptop, or network, we can fix it right the first time.  We will work to discover your wants, needs and provide the right products to get them done.

Custom Computers

For building a device to custom specification, our technicians will work to build a device tailored to wants and needs.  We also stand by our product with a PC Guy warranty for workstations and servers.  As a strong believer in eatting what you make, we build and use the same machines we sell to clients.


Getting the layout of your office set right is key to enhancing productivity. Workstations are a way to personalize staff's needs and resources as well as increase their efficiency.


Setting up servers requires professional attention to detail, including hosting and backup services that keep data secure. Servers can be hosted off-site or in our data center, while maintaining a secure connection, in order to increase protection and lower expenses.

Network Equipment

We provide an array of cutting edge devices designed for business use. In the next business consultation, ask us about the possibility to install new hardware or software to better office productivity.

In-Office Services

In-Office Services

Pesky email issues on the phone? Computer slow to start up? Pop-ups interfering with browsing habbits?  Want to add more hard drive space or memory?

Come visit us at our office location, where we have dedicated technians available to answer questions, and help out with those pesky computer problems.

Virus Removal

Data corruption and viruses are the natural disasters of the digital world. We're here to help recover from those events.  We can remove & repair virus, cleanup malware, or even reload computers to improve speed and security and more!

Computer Cleanup

Machines have a lifetime just like anything else. Here at PC Guy we want to extend the capacity of devices so that they can work at an optimal level. If waiting for your computer to respond is a common thing, it might be time to give us a call!

Data Copying

With over 20 years experience in the IT industry, we recognize that data is important part of people's lives.  Unfortantly most people don't realize this until their data is gone.  We can help you copy data from that old computer to the new, or even help make a copy of data to a flashdrive, external drive or any other storage solution.

Email Services

Email Services

PC Guy can provide several email related services from domain registration, basic email, advanced email, encrypted email service, and more...

Basic Email

A business is only as effective as its ability to communicate well. Every office needs quality email hosting to ensure efficient execution.  We offer an affordable in-house email solution to help achieve even the basic forms of email communication.

Office 365

Find out more about the Microsoft service that provides comprehensive productivity software. From document management, storage software, cloud services, and internal communication through instant messaging, Office 365 gives businesses the ability to store and access their virtual data in one place.

Hosted Exchange

Another storage service, Hosted Exchange provides some level of customization to the usual services that Office 365 offers. Though it is not always as cost-effective, Exchange undoubtedly provides some added comfort by gaining access to the source that hosts your company's data. Here at PC Guy we are happy to help discuss the best solutions.


Tired of those pesky advertisment emails, or large quantities of spam?  We utilitize an well known antispam service to keep spam from cluttering up inboxes.

Web Services

Web Services

Web Development

If you are looking to improve the quality of a website or simply update its design, we now provide services to increase online presence. See our page on the possibility of bringing a site to the next level through our web partners.


If you simply need a reliable source to house a website, we are happy to do so. Hosting services can eat away at budgets, but here at PC Guy this is one of the many ways we can provide a simpler solution amid a world of technology solution headaches.

Domain Registration

Let us help you a domain name, which is a digital stepping block to a companies presence on the internet.  Alot of internet services utilitize a custom domain name, including; email, websites, application, storage, servers, etc.



We provide many off-site and server co-location services. We will partner to find the most cost effective choice, whether that is an in-house server, off-site, physical or virtual.

Offsite Backup

When taking advantage of reliable and manually maintained off-site backups, rest assured that your business will stay on track. In case of physical damage or theft, we are able to properly recover all files. Instant recovery is also available if files happen to be deleted accidentally. Our team track client data daily to ensure accuracy and smooth operation. No matter the situation, loss is difficult to sort through. PC Guy wants to help get back on your feet in case of trouble.  Don't wait until it's to late!